Good reasons to choose our college!

Quality of teaching: Post-graduate studies (PhD, MSc, BSc,) all our lecturers have at least 15 years of experience teaching in Universities. They are all specialist.

Quality of Programmes: A well-qualified and widely experienced team of full and part time lecturers are available to meet learning needs at post-graduate level.

Excellent learning facilities: Computer facilities( the college offers computer labs with wide-variety of computer teaching including programming, computer maintenance.

Collaboration: Collaborative links with industry and academic institutions and universities such as the University of Portsmouth. also the college encourages respected universities and higher education institutes to accept our graduates on higher eduction degree and programmes.

English language support: The college has an ELTC and TOFEL centre to support the English langauge learning.

Value for money: The college aims to provide career-oriented, high quality and yet resonably priced professional education and tranining.

Excellent careers prospects.

A warm welcome, whatever your background: The college is commited to provide access and support to students of all backgrounds, regardless of their age or whatever their family background or circumstances.

centres & Bureau in our university

TOEFL and ELTC Centre

English, TOEFL, Translation, ELTC Centre

The Scientific Research Centre

The Scientific reasearch centre

Consultancy Bureau

Iraq University Consultancy Bureau

Headmasters of Departments

Profesor Name
Dr. Kamil Alshamaa

Computer Engineering Department Headmaster

Profesor Name
Dr. Naji Khairallah

Communication Department Headmaster

                                +sor Name
Dr. Haider Al-Hashimi

Computer Technologies Engineering Department Headmaster

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