Iraq University College (IUC) focuses on the development of a vibrant and prosperous society in Iraq.

IUC addresses the core needs in the local and International business market and economy; and has developed tailored training courses in accordance with the demands and needs of the highly expanding professional class in Iraq.

The key to our success is the identification and development of our quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) systems. We are proud to be in a position to deliver proficient education & training services; enabled through our vastly experienced staff and consultants achieving optimum results.

IUC provides personalized one to one training services to its students; this is achieved by adopting smaller class based learning, in order to guarantee catered service and thus ensuring our students get the most out of the learning experience.

Why Choose our College?

Quality of teaching: We have an excellent reputation for quality teaching and sustained, high levels of student satisfaction Post-graduate studies (PhD, MSc, BSc,) are available and all our lecturers are highly qualified with at least 15 years of experience teaching in Universities and are all specialists in there respected fields.


Quality of Course Programmes: IUC utilises cutting edge academic international programmes and syllabi, which have been developed by our highly proficient expertise and delivered by our highly qualified and professional academic teaching staff members, which meets all your learning needs at post-graduate level.


Excellent learning facilities: The college is well equipped with course-specific materials, ICT department, laboratories and equipment purchased internationally and the college also offers computer labs including a wide-variety of computer teaching programming and specialized computer maintenance and technical support department.


Collaboration: Collaborative links with industry and academic institutions and universities. IUC holds a joint agreement with the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom (UK) and is proud to offer students the opportunity to continue there learning & career development at such overseas institutions. Past students have successfully achieved the highest of academic standards and career progression. The college also encourages and supports other respected universities and higher education institutes for continued development and acceptance for higher education degrees and programmes.


English language support: The college has an ELTC and TOFEL centre to support English language learning.


Value for money: The college aims to provide career-oriented, high quality and yet reasonably priced professional education and training.


Excellent careers prospects. Our commitment to preparing you for your future career is evident in every course, we provide dedicated careers and recruitment services and have a strong graduate employment track record.


A warm welcome, whatever your background: The college is devoted in providing access and support to students of all backgrounds, regardless of their age or whatever their family background or circumstances.

centres & Bureau in our university

TOEFL and ELTC Centre

English, TOEFL, Translation, ELTC Centre

The Scientific Research Centre

The Scientific reasearch centre

Consultancy Bureau

Iraq University Consultancy Bureau


Engineering and Management Services Centre


Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Dept

Headmasters of Departments

Profesor Name
Dr. Kamil Alshamaa

Computer Engineering Department Headmaster

Profesor Name
Dr. Naji Khairallah

Communication Department Headmaster

                                +sor Name
Dr. Haider Al-Hashimi

Computer Technologies Engineering Department Headmaster

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